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Registration is now open. Our introductory session is Wednesday August 5. You can fill out your information here as completely as possible, and we will contact you with additional requirements (basically a liability agreement, depending on whether you’re an adult or not). It is very important that we have your actual address as we will try to verify your identity – there will be no anonymous participation. We will have an introductory session over Zoom, and you can ask more questions before committing.

Course fees are on a voluntary contribution basis. If you’re experienced in 3D printing and would like to share your experiences, we also welcome your participation. Once you fill out this application form you’ll be able to register for the forums.

Please forgive our appearance – everything was looking great until we realized the pretty WordPress theme we were using didn’t support forms (like this page). Arghh.

Please fill out the information requested. We may verify your email and mailing address before attempting to contact you via email. We will not call you for any reason.

You will need to sign an agreement before starting the course (or, if you are under 18, your parent or guardian must sign).

PRIVACY POLICY: We will not share your email address, mailing address, or other personal information with anyone.

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