Registration coming soon

We’ve gotten a couple of basic pages up and will have a registration page soon where you can sign up. We’ve also added a shopping list page which should be pretty much finalized, if you want to go ahead and order things you’ll need.

There are a few things that need to be done before we have our first class, but once registration is open we’ll have an informal Q&A session. We’ll be somewhat limited in the number of people who can join (25) so registration will be on a first-come first-served basis.

How much is this course going to cost? We’re doing this on a contribution basis. We will have some expenses with Zoom hosting but mostly this is a volunteer effort. To keep it sustainable we ask that you consider a contribution of $20 or more. This can be done at any time and will not have any impact on who gets in the first group. We’re also creating Creative Commons licensed material for use with the course so that others can replicate this. Stay tuned for more details…

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