Shopping List

There are three lists for things you need for this course. You may already have some of these. We’ve also tried to list links to Amazon for buying items. Some of the smaller items are not ones we’ve personally bought but the reviews looked good. The printer is one we’ve bought, assembled, and are currently using.

All prices are as shown on Amazon as of July 27, 2020 and do not include tax and shipping. Items eligible for Prime shipping are so indicated. If you don’t have Amazon Prime shipping will also cost something additional.

Basics – most essential

These are the things you really need to get any value out of this course. There is a readymade shopping list (3dprint-basics) containing everything in this section:

Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D printer Price: $239.99, Prime eligible

This comes really well-packed in a box, ready for assembly. Pictorial instructions are fairly clear and it comes with all tools needed for assembly.

10 foot USB mini cable Price: $3.82 (eligible for Prime)

(note this is mini-USB not micro-USB – longer length recommended if you’ll be connecting directly from your computer or laptop)

#4-40 pan head machine screws Price: $12.99 (eligible for Prime)

Useful for putting things together. These are hard to find at home improvement stores – the larger #6 screws are much easier to find. This set includes nuts. Better quality sets are available for more but this is a good starter assortment.

Set of needle-nosed and bent-nosed pliers. Price: $14 (Prime eligible)

You may already have needlenose or bent nose pliers but it’s handy to have some, both for nuts-and-bolts assembly and for dealing with support material.

Small screwdriver set Price: $10 (Prime eligible)

Basic set of small screwdrivers. We’ll only need the Philips. If you want a better quality for $45 get the Wiha set.

Total: $285 plus tax (and shipping if you don’t have Prime)

Engineering essentials

These are things you need to do your own 3D printed engineering – mostly for measurement. This list with two items is also on Amazon here (3dprint-engineering):

Digital caliper Price: $22.95 (Prime eligible)

There are cheaper ones but it’s worth getting metal not plastic. This is all-metal and about the same price as the one you get at Harbor Freight for $22 and apparently better quality.

Metric tape measure Price: $16.84 (Prime eligible)

I’ve had one of these for a few years. Helpful for linear measurement and for larger objects.

Total: $40 plus tax (and shipping if you don’t have Prime)

Network capability

These items allow you to put together an Octoprint server, which allows you to control and monitor printing progress over the network. You still need to visit the printer to remove things from the print bed, change filament, etc. but this really makes your life much easier. You can keep the printer in the garage and print from your laptop on the sofa. Highly recommended. Amazon shopping list (3dprint-network) at

Raspberry Pi 4 Price: $46 (eligible for Prime)

Note: Yes, you can use a Pi 3, Pi 3+, a Pi 4 with only 1gb memory, or even a Pi 2+ (which I’m using – I wouldn’t recommend it, however, as it’s REALLY slow!). Please note, you do not need a case, we’ll be printing a mount for this!

Raspberry Pi camera module with cable Price: $8.79 (eligible for Prime)

This connects to the Raspberry Pi board and provides live camera image and time-lapse imaging.

Raspberry Pi 4 Power Supply Price: $9.99 (eligible for Prime)

This plugs into a wall outlet and powers the Raspberry Pi 4. A different power supply (with a micro-USB connector) would be used for a Raspberry Pi 3.

#2-56 machine screw assortment Price: $12.99, Prime eligible

Only needed to attach the Pi camera board to the 3D printed mount. We’ll be using 4 3/8″ screws and 4 nuts.

16gb microSD card Price: $6.19 (eligible for Prime)

If you don’t already have a few of these… Note that the Ender 3 Pro comes with a microSD card which you can insert into its front slot and immediately print some pre-sliced models. There’s also a nice little USB adapter for it. This microSD card is for the Raspberry Pi.

Total: $85 plus tax (and shipping if you don’t have Prime)


This is the only real consumable supply you’ll use. The Ender 3 Pro comes with about 100g of filament, which is enough to print a decent number of things, but you’ll want to get at least one spool to start with. Note that buying filament can be a little tricky, because suppliers come and go, and sometimes a supplier we’ve had good experience with has their quality decline (or they may have a batch with variable quality). These are all ones we’ve purchased in 2020 and have had good experience with, but your mileage may vary!

Note that all filament shown here is 1.75mm. You cannot use other sizes.

Good PLA filament suppliers will ship it in a resealable large size ziplock bag with dessicant inside. When you’re not printing for extended periods of time, or when using a different roll of filament, keep your filament in the sealed bag with the dessicant pack. This will help it stay flexible longer.

Duramic PLA+ black Price: $26.99 (Prime eligible)

(a little more expensive than some other good PLA but gives very good results)

Yousu PLA Price: $22.99 (Prime eligible)

Comes in white, gold and other colors. (I have the silky white and silky gold – very good results)

GizmoDorks PLA (translucent green) Price: $21.95 (Prime eligible)

(color selection is limited – I’ve used this for a very long print job with excellent results. I’ve been buying this brand for a few years for 2.85mm printing; apparently they’ve just started offering 1.75mm filament, and of course that’s what’s shown here)

Overture TPU Price: $27.99 (Prime eligible)

TPU is a black, flexible rubbery material – NOT PLA, requires different slicer settings. This produces flexible prints. When you get bored of PLA and want to try something slightly more challenging, try this.